We have over 2000 colours available for your project. The colour you choose can be painted or sprayed onto metals, wood and plastics. Let us know if you would like a sample of your colour choice.

We are raising money for Colchester & Ipswich Children’s Wards

Impact Coatings are committed to supporting the excellent work carried out by the Colchester and Ipswich Hospitals Charity. Throughout 2019 we will be raising money for new equipment for the children’s wards for both Colchester and Ipswich Hospitals. If you would like some more information on their fantastic work, please click here.

How about a change?

At Impact Coatings, our expertise is in the meticulous application of Kolorbond paint onto uPVC windows, doors, and conservatories. Our dedicated team has undergone specialised training to master the use of Kolorbond products, guaranteeing that each project achieves a flawless finish that surpasses expectations. When you opt for Kolorbond paint, you access an extensive palette of colours and finishes, offering you the chance to inject new vitality into the exterior of your home. Whether your preference leans towards contemporary shades or you’re seeking to rejuvenate your current white aesthetic, we provide a variety of options to cater to your tastes. Furthermore, we take the additional step of offering you a visual representation of how your home could appear. Simply send us a photograph, and we’ll digitally overlay your selected colours onto your property, enabling you to envision the transformation before making your final decision. At Impact Coatings, we are dedicated to ensuring that every inch of your project is managed with precision and attention to detail, resulting in a remarkable transformation that enhances the charm of your home.


Have a look

We take immense pride in exhibiting our extensive portfolio of work on our dedicated gallery page. Our wealth of expertise spans a diverse range of spray and paint projects, from the meticulous refinishing of alloy wheels to the precise shotblasting of gate railings. Our versatile selection encompasses a wide array of tasks, each contributing to the continual refinement of our skills and the ongoing evolution of our craft. Every project we undertake presents us with new challenges, which we wholeheartedly embrace, further enhancing our capabilities and adaptability. We invite you to see our gallery page, where you can explore the breadth and depth of our work firsthand. If you have a project that is out of the ordinary, please get in contact with out team. We like the opportunity to work with unique and unconventional projects, and we can discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your distinct requirements.


Make colour work for you

Impact Coatings was founded in a modest warehouse back in 2002, accumulating over two decades of operational expertise. Responding to growing demand and a drive for business expansion, we have progressively diversified our range of services over the years, whilst also strengthening our workforce through recruitment and comprehensive training programmes. One of our recent endeavours in research and development involves the use of Kolorbond for UpVC window painting. Kolorbond, renowned for its outstanding durability and versatility in rejuvenating windows, doors, and conservatories, is an area where our proficiency truly shines. Explore some of the impressive applications we’ve completed, and feel free to contact us for a detailed quotation tailored to your specific project needs. Rely on Impact Coatings to deliver enduring elegance to your windows and beyond, supported by two decades of excellence and innovation.


Our different pre-treatment options

Before starting the process of painting or spraying an object, we possess the capability to thoroughly prepare the surface using a range of pre-treatment methods. For delicate objects, we opt for an acid pickle, as it offers a gentler approach, ensuring minimal impact on the object’s integrity. Alternatively, applications necessitating the removal of paint or corrosion often require a shot or bead blasting procedure. Additionally, we incorporate environmentally friendly zirconium phosphate, further emphasising our commitment to sustainable practices. Should you require further information regarding our preparation and painting services, please do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff. They will be delighted to provide you with comprehensive details tailored to your specific requirements and preferences. Whether you seek guidance on surface treatment techniques or wish to discuss our eco-conscious approaches, we are here to assist you every step of the way.


Which colour will you choose?

When it comes to choosing the ideal colour for your newly renovated item, you’ll find yourself with an array of options. You might be surprised to discover that we offer over 150 different colours for you to explore. Additionally, you have the opportunity to take home samples of each colour option, ensuring it’s the perfect fit for your needs. What’s more, all of these colour choices can be applied to various surfaces, including plastic, metal, and even wood! By partnering with our team of highly skilled professionals, you can be confident that you’ll always be thrilled with the final result. So, take your time, peruse our extensive colour palette, and let us assist you in achieving the perfect look for your project. When you embark on your colour selection journey with us, you’re not simply selecting a hue; you’re investing in quality, precision, and a touch of personal flair that will truly set your project apart.


Have you thought about using powder coating?

Is your equipment showing signs of wear and tear around the edges, but you find yourself lacking the time to arrange for another round of painting? You might find it intriguing to discover that there exists a faster alternative to wet painting, one that has the potential to rejuvenate your item in approximately half the time it takes with traditional methods! Powder coating presents a swift and efficient solution for refurbishing any object, particularly those subjected to frequent use. This method ensures a flawless finish, leaving behind a remarkably beautiful glossy surface. Powder-coated items exhibit exceptional resistance to various weather conditions, promising durability and longevity for many years to come. Unlike liquid paints, powder coatings do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), making them environmentally friendly and safer to use.


Finding the right wood coating for you

Impact Coatings takes pride in showcasing a diverse range of two primary types of wood coatings. In instances where the item predominantly sees indoor use or storage, our preference tends towards a water-based polyurethane coating, renowned for its adaptability and indoor applicability. For items exposed to outdoor conditions, where resistance to heat and heightened durability are important, our choice is the robust protection offered by an oil-based polyurethane coating, surpassing its water-based counterpart in terms of longevity and resilience. The selection of coatings for specialised items such as boat interiors or automobile interiors adopts a distinctive form – a polyester-based coating, chosen for its outstanding strength, ensuring a robust and enduring layer of protection that withstands the test of time for many years to come.


Is it time to give your wheels a renewed appearance?

Are you open to considering a subtle yet highly impactful enhancement for your vehicle? Take a moment to reflect on the intriguing possibility of choosing powder coating as the ideal solution for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and durability of your car’s wheels. Upon the completion of the meticulous powder coating procedure, you’ll find yourself in a position to promptly drive away, benefiting from the remarkably swift drying. The entire process is not only remarkably swift but also impressively straightforward: the wheels undergo careful and thorough disassembly, revealing their original surface through the meticulous and effective technique of shot blasting. Subsequently, the application of powder coating is skilfully administered. Regardless of the scale and complexity of the undertaking, you can rest assured that our dedicated and highly proficient team is poised and ready to showcase unparalleled expertise in the delicate artistry of powder coating application, ensuring your complete satisfaction and the transformation of your car’s wheels into a true work of art.


Simplifying the process of Hydrographics

In its most straightforward explanation, the process entails applying a layer of ink onto the water’s surface and submerging the target object until it is thoroughly coated. This coating technique is especially well-suited for products with rigidity or intricate structures challenging for machines to access easily. Our expertise extends to coating a diverse array of three-dimensional items, spanning from automotive components and bicycle helmets to wooden and ceramic objects. The versatility of this method ensures its efficacy in covering various surfaces, providing a high-quality finish that boasts longevity over many years. The application of ink onto the water’s surface, coupled with the precision of the immersion process, yields a uniform and durable coating that enhances the aesthetic appeal and durability of the treated objects. Whether it’s elevating the appearance of automotive parts or safeguarding the surface of delicate ceramic items, our method ensures a consistently excellent finish that withstands the test of time.


The Ideal Finishing Touch

At Impact Coatings, we present an array of options for preparing and painting your object, highlighting the adaptability in our approach. One such technique is wet spraying, applicable to various materials such as copper, brass, zinc, and steel. This not only works to prolong the lifespan of the object but also enhances its aesthetic appeal. The process involves the application of wet spray, with rapid drying facilitated by our advanced 80°C heated spray booths. Wet spraying proves particularly advantageous for larger-sized objects or those with intricate detailing, serving as the ideal solution to reach and cover all the nooks and crannies effectively. Our team is well-prepared to manage diverse requirements, ensuring a thorough and meticulous application of wet spray for optimal outcomes. Should you require guidance or possess specific queries regarding wet spraying or any other coating process, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are readily available to offer advice and address your questions. Feel free to give us a call, and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Begin on the correct path

Ensuring the correct pre-treatment solution is applied to your object is crucial, as an improper choice can potentially spoil the final product. Therefore, possessing a thorough understanding of the process from the outset is imperative. Our committed staff boasts extensive years of experience, handling a diverse array of objects in various states of repair. This wealth of expertise ensures that they always make informed decisions tailored to your specific needs. Consequently, the end result is optimised to its fullest potential, as this aligns with our core competency. For a more comprehensive understanding of our meticulous procedures, we invite you to peruse our ‘Pre Treatments’ page. Here, we delve into intricate details, elucidating the steps our team undertakes to guarantee a flawless finish.


Let transportation not be a concern!

We acknowledge that traveling can pose challenges, particularly when dealing with frequently used equipment. Our commitment is to ensure that all the machinery and tools our team has invested in can be easily relocated to address such situations. This service is integral to our mission of attaining 100% customer satisfaction in our work for clients. Our seasoned team is well-equipped to tackle any project, regardless of its size or complexity, thanks to our years of experience.


Why not experiment with glass coatings?

Why not consider applying coloured coatings to your existing house glass instead of opting for the installation of new coloured glass? This approach not only reduces the overall cost but also saves valuable time, especially when precise measurements and cutting are involved for new glass. We offer a wide range of solvent and aqueous glass coatings in various colours for you to choose from. These coatings are known for their durability, water resistance, and ease of maintenance. Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?


Numerous benefits can come from using plastic

Applying a plastic coating to an object requires skill, and our team has extensive experience in various plastic coating projects. The advantages of a plastic coating are numerous, as it provides a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish while ensuring exceptional durability. Its anti-corrosive properties make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Especially beneficial for intricate objects with small crevices, like fretwork, a plastic coating proves to be highly useful in such cases.


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Train the painter is the world's leading industry recognised and fully accredited Industrial Coating Applicator Training Programme

We are delighted to receive the Train the Painter Training Award from Corredere Academy once more, this provides a strong foundation for our staff to be trained to a national standard. Our managing director, Robert Luckman, stated, " Empowering our staff with first-class National Coating Standards will raise the bar for us as a company, and provide customers with the confidence to put their trust in Impact coatings "

Robert Luckman is not content to rest on his laurels and is currently taking the International I.CORR Level 2 Coatings Inspector Course, giving him and the company the expertise to assess and report on coatings at an international level.


Quality Award

After months of dedication by the Impact Coatings team, we are proud to receive both the ISO 9001 Quality Award and the ISO 14001 Environmental Award. These awards demonstrate our commitment to providing quality services, products, and being accountable for our environmental impact.

Quality Award

After months of dedication by the Impact Coatings team, we are proud to receive both the ISO 9001 Quality Award and the ISO 14001 Environmental Award. These awards demonstrate our commitment to providing quality services, products, and being accountable for our environmental impact.

Quality Control


All our products are assessed before any work commences by our quality engineers to check pre-defects. All suppliers are also assessed by our in-house quality department for product capability and suitability.


Refurbishing Gates & Railings


Are your gates and railings looking a bit worse for wear? Our expert team can refurbish any type of gate or railing that is peeling or where the colour has started to fade. Take advantage of our amazing offer! We will tranform a standard side entrance gate in one of 30 colours from only £65! 

Case Studies


Take a look at our Case Studies page for examples of some of our completed projects showcasing successful coating work both on-site and at our factory in Colchester, Essex.