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Impact Coatings is primarily a powder and wet coating company based in Colchester, Essex. We pride ourselves on the very highest of standards both in customer service and also in the products and services we provide. We carry out work for both commercial and personal property and equipment. Our team can powder or wet coat new items or carry our full refurbishing projects. Please get in touch and our knowledgeable staff would be happy to advise on what we can do for you. 


In 2015 Impact Coating stepped up to the next level by purchasing a new oven and booth which enabled our highly skilled team to bake parts of even bigger size than ever before (6 m x 2m x 2m to be exact!). The first quarter of 2016 has benefited from continued use of this new equipment gaining new orders and customers. The rest of 2016 is looking just a bright as the paint we use! 


Impact Coatings was established as a powder coatings and wet spraying business in 2002 and started operations from a 1500 sq ft starter unit in Colchester with two employees. Six years later the company has trebled its factory floorspace, increased its number of staff and remained in Colchester. With over 20 years of knowledge in the powder coating industry, we are confident we can provide you with the best quality service at realistic prices in the market sector you have chosen. 


Continued growth has been made possible by more efficient use of the company’s head office in Eastgates and taking on additional staff, hand picked for their knowledge and experience in powder coating, wet spraying, on site coatings and joinery coatings. 


Since acquiring our new equipment, Impact Coatings now has the capacity to deliver our excellent service further afield, attracting orders across Essex, Suffolk, Hertfordshire and London. Our dedicated sales team are highly experienced, giving expert advice on the best coating for your project. Call our sales team today and see the Impact difference.


The Society for Protective Coatings Top Accreditation


We are now fully authorised to train painters to the SSPC internationally recognised standard for coating application.


This programme was created and developed by experts throughout our industry and is your guarantee of absolute quality.


All of our painters reach this extremely high standard which represents a comprehensive level of expertise in methods of surface treatments and application of protective coatings not to mention the various health and safety aspects involved in handling potentially hazardous materials.


For more information, please click on our certification or here.


When time is of the essence powder coating offers the solution of a ready to use product once cured so no lengthy drying times, just one of the advantages that powder coating has over wet spray finishes...


Our facility at Eastgates can handle a variety of components up to 13 metres long, 3.5 metres high, and 3.5 metres wide in our spray booth which can heat up to 80c for extra quick drying times...


Impact Coatings can carry out on-site paint projects from refreshing small areas to overhauling a complete shop front for new branding. Our experienced sprayers can finish your premises to perfection...

Wood Coating

Bringing back the beauty of wood! Wood is probably the most versatile and functional material in the world and forms that basis of so many items we use in our everyday lives. This gives rise for the need to coat, paint and stain wood to keep it looking good and working well. How to do this depends heavily on what the wood is used for, where it is used and how often. Polyurethane coating is perfect for bringing out the true colour of woods and can be used where heat occurs so your kitchen table for example. Polyester coating is great for getting a high polished mirror finish so works well on decorative items....

Powder Coating wheels

Wheels powder coating wheels imageImpact Coatings has a solid reputation in custom powder coating all types of wheels & rims. including custom masking and special “metallic” colors to match car paint. All wheels are chemically stripped to remove any previous coatings and are then shot-blasted by hand to obtain a bare metal surface in preparation for coating. The wheels are then slightly dressed and filled to deal with any kerb damage to the rim edges. (We do not deal with repairs to buckled or badly dented wheels as these are safety related structural repairs and wheels should be written off and replaced)...

Wet Spraying

Our facility at Eastgates can handle a variety of components up to 13 metres long, 3.5 metres high, and 3.5 metres wide in our spray booth which can heat up to 80c for extra quick drying times, for most types of wet paint. Our possible colour ranges are endless, from BS4800, BS381C, RAL, Pantone and NCS which can be produced by our suppliers in the form of wet spray. We have chosen our suppliers for their extensive knowledge in paint types....

Plastic Coating

At Impact Coatings we can supply a wide range of plastic coatings for many types of projects, large and small. Our team have access to a huge range of colours from rich and vibrant reds to pale pastel blues and everything in between. The coatings we use are the best on the market so will give your project the perfect sleek finish you require...

On Site and Off site works completed

At Impact Coatings we know that to get the best finish possible for any job is necessary to carry out the most appropriate pre-treatment first. It can be difficult to know what pre-treatment to use. Our team know the answer as they have been in the business for many years using a whole variety of pre-treatment techniques and solutions.

Our team can perform shot or bead blasting to remove old paint rust. Zirconium phosphate can be used too which is very environmentally friendly compared to older solutions on the market. We can even provide a hand prepared treatment for large items where needed or an acid pickle process for more delicate items. Whatever the best pre-treatment is we have the expertise. Please call for more information.